The Gathering Room – Wollaston

Reading Room, Wollaston, You and a BookThe Courtyard,


NN29 7QE


First Wednesday of the month

10:30 – 12:30


Includes: tea/coffee and cake


Tucked away in a quiet corner of The Courtyard in Wollaston you’ll find The Gathering Room.  Used for craft workshops and other community events this charming little room hosts a maximum of seven people at any one time.

During your time here you’ll be able to help yourself to tea or coffee and cake will also be provided.

The pop-up reading room here takes place on the first Wednesday of each month between 10:30 and 12:30.  This is a lovely venue for a quiet read and a browse round The Courtyard after.  Next door you’ll find Wollaston Home & Crafts which is part of the same business, don’t leave without a look around, especially if you have gifts to buy.  It is a real treasure trove of local crafts.

Reading Room Setup
Wollaston Home and Crafts, The Gathering Room, You and a Book, pop -up Reading Room

You can arrive at the venue any time in the two hour window.  Wollaston Home & Crafts is the main business so you may find Anne, the proprietor, there.  Simply check-in with Anne and pay your £4 and she’ll get you settled in The Gathering Room with your drinks and cake and will leave you to your reading.

When the two hours is up there are several other local small businesses to visit if you have time.  Ask Anne about the local free library or, if crafts are your thing she may have a magazine or two that will interest you.

Top Tip

The Courtyard is set off The High Street which feels like it is one way but isn’t.  There is a car park just by the Doc Marten shop which is for their customers, instead hold out for the turning into the courtyard itself as there is parking available there.  The Gathering Room is tucked away in the bottom left hand corner.