Ride High Equestrian Centre – Milton Keynes

ride high equestrian centre, milton keynes, pop-up reading room, You and a BookLoughton Manor,

Redland Drive,

Childs Way,

Milton Keynes, MK5 8HD


12:00 – 13:00

£5 includes: tea/coffee, cake (first visit free)


There are many hidden gems in Milton Keynes but this one really will surprise you.  Set in the heart of the city, just a short walk from the railway station, is this fantastic piece of countryside.  While visiting the centre you won’t believe that you aren’t in some rural village on the outskirts of town.  This is going to be the perfect venue for anyone working in town who wants to pop out for a break during their lunch break.

The pop-up reading events here will be held in this lovely courtyard just by reception and will provide a great outdoor reading space for you to get some fresh air and a top up of that all important vitamin D.  Should it happen to rain there is a shelter in the courtyard or the team will move you to one of their meeting rooms.  Whatever the weather they will be sure to take good care of you.

Reading Room Setup

The pop-ups will take place here every Thursday.  Be ready to feel enchanted as you drive up to the gate which will magically open to let you in.  After parking wander round to reception where you’ll pick up your drink and cake before settling in front of the wire horse sculpture in the courtyard for your reading fix.  You’ll be amazed by how quiet it is.  Maybe just the clop of the horses hooves and a soft whinny, otherwise stillness and calm.  The perfect setting for you to disappear into your latest book.

Ride High Equestrian Centre, pop-up reading room, You and a Book, peaceful spot in the cityTop Tip

Though the centre will be right in front of you as you turn off Childs Way, it still can be hard to spot.  Turn right at the t-junction and you’ll see the sign on your left.  Remember to drive up to the gate for it to open and then pull into the parking area to the left.  Please remember to report to reception on arrival.