This is where you’ll find the spots that BookWormClare wants to share with you as possible spots for you to read and enjoy a cuppa and a snack.  You’ll see them appear on the map below.  Click on the marker to find out more.

Revolucion de Cuba, Milton Keynes – the conservatory here makes a great place to read be it sunny or cold.  Let the staff know that you’ve come in for a read and they’ll look after you.  It’s possible to have the music off in the conservatory and with the doors shut a full on party could be happening in the main room and you’d be none the wiser.  The second Friday of each month 12:00-14:00 has been earmarked as a reading time to the end of 2019.

Dobbies Garden Centre, Milton Keynes – The conservatory is a great place to read and tends to be quieter from 4:30pm.  There are also seats outside that work well on a sunny day, especially the ones tucked round the corner!  A great place to top up on your book supplies and to recycle those books you no longer want by donating them to the charity book table.