You and a Book is, first and foremost, about creating spaces where you can go for your fix of quiet time with your favourite authors.  Helping you find a quiet place to read and be comfortable.

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YES you can read at home…

BUT what about that pile of ironing that needs doing, the grass that needs mowing, the family asking you questions….

YES you can go to a library…

BUT you’d really like a coffee and a slice of cake while you read.

YES you can go to any café…

BUT what about that group of friends having a noisy reunion in the corner, the person on your left shouting into their mobile or the business meeting taking place right behind you.


Look out for these posters because the answer is on it’s way!  Where you see one of these posters you will know that you have found a quiet place to read.

In the fast paced, high pressure and noisy world we live in it can be tricky to find that perfect spot where you can be surrounded by other readers who know what it’s like if conversation becomes too loud while they are immersed in their favourite fictional world or learning about something new.

By approaching businesses to open outside their normal operating hours, make quiet spaces available or point out when the quiet times are, I hope to be able to provide you with great new places to visit for your reading fix as well as helping the business to improve their takings and introducing them to the fantastic people that bookworms are!